Why classes are so important!

Fun Motorcycle Training, located at 2400 Ridgewood Avenue, South Daytona, FL is truly a fun place to learn motorcycle skills.

Even if you’ve been riding for a while, there’s always something new to learn. Increasing numbers of seasoned riders are flocking to Fun Motorcycle Training to hone their skills and fine–tune the mental skills needed for survival traffic. You’ll learn the technique of managing traction, stopping quickly, cornering and swerving.

If you are a beginner and under the age of 18 you must have permission of parent or guardian in order to take the course. In the classroom, you’ll learn about the different types of motorcycles, layout and operation of the basic controls, and how to become a safer, more responsible rider. You’ll then move to the riding range where your coach will guide you through the basic skills of straight-line riding, stopping and shifting. This course strongly emphasizes how to operate your motorcycle safely.

You’ll earn and receive your license from Fun Motorcycle Training after a two day course. As a matter of fact, the only way to obtain your license is to take the training course at the accredited school. The classes hold six to twelve students at a time. The school also offers private lessons if requested.

What you’ll need is a helmet, eye protection, long sleeves, gloves, long pants and over the ankle footwear.

Fun Motorcycle Training believes there’s something about a motorcycle that’s almost universally appealing. Something about the way it hugs the road in curves and bolts up the long inclines that cars struggle to climb, or the deep rumble as you cut through tunnels and under overpasses. Maybe it’s the subtle statement that, “I can go fast if I want to, but I’m happy just relishing the ride.”

It’s just fun – Fun Motorcycle Training!