I’ve been riding on and off for years and attended this riding course to get my endorsement for Florida. As others have stated, the instruction provided by Billy and John was outstanding. They were very professional and have that “gift” of dealing with all skill levels as a group without leaving anyone out. For as much as I got out of learning /re-learning or practicing the back to the basics of the course. I was very impressed with these Rider/Coaches and their talents and abilities to help my beginner classmates develop their physical skills for maneuvering at slow speeds, including mastering throttle and clutch control (Friction Zone), starting and stopping, swerving and turning. By the end of the second day, even those brand new students where comfortable and competent on their bikes.
Great Job!! and on a HOT weekend!!Kelly
“Very professional instructor with small classes that are great for individual feedback. Excellent price as well when you look at other schools and he even keeps a few items such as gloves or helmets if needed for the class. I felt very welcome and his personality did indeed make the class fun, even when it was ten billion degrees outside! Gets my highest recommendation!!!!!”
Jennifer Luke
“I researched every class in the Daytona area and this was the absolute best I found. The price was right, they provide bikes to ride, and all the knowledge you need to get started. We were extremely satisfied with the class and the instructors.Thanks again Billy and John.”
Jeremy Hauger
“Very experienced professional, customer oriented and focused on rider safety. Small groups makes for more practice time and individual attention.”Angel L Manzano Perez

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“If you’re in need of motorcycle training and an endorsement this is the place to go Billy the instructor is very thorough you learn a lot and he makes you feel very comfortable I give him 5 stars.”
Nancy DiMura Prudente
“Thanks for the good times Billy! Hope that I wasn’t too hard to train!”Jordan Morris
“Great instructor, great class! Would highly recommend, especially for first time riders!”Katie Bass
“Having a great class out here in South Daytona. Ride safe and enjoy this cool weather!”
Kristine Kaehler-Owens
“Great class learned a lot.”Chris Popov
Would recommend them to any beginner..Had a great time and learned a lot.Cindy Sheckton
“If you want a ride you gotta go see Billy the best instructor in Daytona Beach north and south he will teach you everything you need to know about riding hey five star instructor in a very cool dude.”
Ron Laura
“Great instructors, made it fun Billy and John are great guys. I will recommend this class to everyone who asks.” Thomas Kernan Jr.
“Awesome!! Great owners, down to earth and fantastic.”Faith Collins
“Awesome instructor. Very helpful to all, especially beginners. Would definitely recommend.” Christine Ruggiero
“I highly recommend this MSF training. Well worth the investment of time & money. Safety first! Great instructor.”Petersen Christine