Sun Splash Park

Sun Splash Park is located on South Atlantic Avenue and Revilo Blvd. in Daytona and is a beautiful oceanfront park which features many amenities.

Using your imagination on the beach just picture, an interactive water fountain, a shaded playground, volley-ball courts and picnic areas. There’s also a “cool zone” sponsored by Coca Cola. The four acre facility features restrooms, outdoor showers, and two beach access ramps. The park provides a safe place to park for early morning visits to the beach which is open sunrise to sunset.

Go around mid-morning. Parking is no problem. The playground itself is wonderful and courteously covered. The splash area is spouts of water coming out of the ground making great fun for kids who can spend hours here playing in the fountains so bring some towels. Sun Splash Park is fun and free and has plenty of covered picnic tables so bring a picnic. Directly next door is a covered playground which gives the children someplace to go to get out of the heat.

Splash parks are often referred to as spray pads, water fountains, spray parks, water playgrounds and more. They are unique in the sense that they can be all of these things in one. A splash park is a water feature that can be used strictly for decorative purposes such as a water fountain. However splash parks are much more than that! A splash pad in all of its many forms can also be used for entertainment, interactive play, and water fun. Each park is uniquely designed and custom built to fit the specific needs and desires of the commercial client.

The Sun Splash Park is right on Daytona Beach so when your fountain fun is finished, you can hop down the stairs to the sandy beach and enjoy some Daytona Beach waves!

If you want to experience Daytona Beach in all its glory, you need a motorcycle! So get yourself a bike, and get yourself some training, so you can thoroughly enjoy the open air and beautiful ocean breeze!