The Island City of Cedar Key

FUN Motorcycle Training “LLC” we enjoy a lot of day trips and weekend trips. Cedar Key is a must! Beautiful ride and a look back at old Florida!

About an hour’s drive southwest of Gainesville, the tiny enclave of Cedar Key is a quaint, old-fashioned, Old Florida vacation spot – one that offers lovely beaches, productive fishing opportunities and lush natural preserves. It’s a place that’s short on traffic lights and long on relaxation. Houses and stores perch above the Gulf of Mexico on stilts, with the water lapping at their bellies. It’s easy to find a tasty clam chowder and a cold brew. The people smile and wave and the police drive spiffed-up golf carts. Sound like it might be your cup of sunshine.

Cedar Key is not your average Florida destination – Cedar Key is “old Florida” or “original Florida” or better yet, “before Disney” Florida. Quaint streets lined with shops, friendly people, real food, funky art, and peaceful relaxation. Cedar Key is a clamming, fishing, and artist village with a tourist trade. The tourist trade is mostly seasonal and most visitors are looking for a low key sort of vacation. The pace is slower than the rest of the world and if you require the world to operate on a precise clock – you probably won’t like Cedar Key. It’s not uncommon to see a sign in the window of a shop that says “Gone Fishin'” during business hours and they really mean it. If you need a chain store, a mall, or traffic light fix to make the day ok for you – don’t come to Cedar Key!

Besides the kayaking, fishing, bird-watching, and relaxing, Cedar Key also has two festivals each year – the Cedar Key Fine Arts Festival (aka Annual Old Florida Celebration of the Arts) which is held in April and the Annual Cedar Key Seafood Festival which is held in mid-October. These festivals are extremely busy and it’s hard to find lodging in Cedar Key. Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are also “full-house” times. If you’re planning to visit during these times – be sure to locate lodging early!

FUN Motorcycle Training “LLC” hopes everyone who loves to ride takes a trip to Cedar Key to enjoy Old Florida beauty! Enjoy your ride!