Post Ride Check List

Last week we discussed 10 things to check before a ride. Here are some ideas
FUN Motorcycle Training “LLC” does after a ride.


Give your motorbike another once-over with your eyes and hands as you did before
the ride, checking for anything that has come loose, broken or started leaking. Since
you’ve just been riding, you should have noticed if the levers or throttle feel loose or

While the bike is still warm from the ride, now is a good time to lubricate the chain.
This will allow the oils to stay viscous and soak into the chain rather than coagulating
in globs only to fling off when you next ride. When spraying lube on a chain, point
the nozzle forward toward the front sprocket spraying the top side of the chain as it
comes out the bottom of the sprocket. This will ensure no slippery lubricant
oversprays on to the tire. Spin the tire with your other hand and spray at least one
full chain rotation. Also check the chain tension again.

When the engine has cooled, give your bike a wash. It’s not only good to have a clean
bike to take out next time, but it also prevents the built-on grease and grime from
corroding paint and chrome. It also allows you time manhandling your motorbike
which is often when you find a loose bolt, leaking reservoir or broken light.

FUN Motorcycle Training “LLC” hopes these tips help. Enjoy your ride!