Look Twice! Save A Life!

May is Motorcycle Awareness month but as we come to the end of May FUN Motorcycle Training “LLC” would like everyone not just during the month of May but to always look twice and save a life! Motorcycles are everywhere!

Look Twice! Save a Life!

The number one cause of motorcycle accidents is The Psychological Blind Spot
Studies have shown that the number one response from a driver who has caused a wreck with a motorcycle is “I checked my blind spot and I didn’t see anyone there” What happens is most drivers are looking for an automobile, and not a motorcycle so they just simply did not see the rider because they were looking for a car.
Other times, drivers do not see motorcycles because of negligence; Distracted Driving causes drivers not to check mirrors or blind spots. The greatest danger to motorcyclists is negligence of other drivers.

Always look twice! Remember to Share the Roads. FUN Motorcycle Training “LLC” wants everyone to come home safe! Enjoy the ride!