Motorcycle Fit

FUN Motorcycle Training would like to share some tips from the MSF to help you choose your first motorcycle.
Motorcycle Fit
Your motorcycle should be one you can handle well. Two primary features are seat height and overall motorcycle size.
The seat should be low enough so you can reach the ground and support the motorcycle. Overall motorcycle size generally refers to engine size, which is measured in cubic centimeters (cc’s) or in cubic inches. Motorcycles with larger engines are generally heavier and more powerful than those with smaller engines. Pick a size that is right for your strength and skill level so you can handle it well. You may be able to adjust the controls or replace the seat to fit better.
We suggest you look at and sit on lots of bikes before making a purchase.
Keep these in mind after you have completed your training and received your motorcycle endorsement from FUN Motorcycle Training in South Daytona.