Florida Motorcycle Rides and Roads

Now that summer is here FUN Motorcycle Training “LLC” wants to share some fun rides here in Florida!

Florida Motorcycle Rides and Roads

As one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, the Sunshine State offers nearly 1,200 miles of magnificent shoreline, palm trees as well as winding rivers, fascinating sea grass beds, marshes and even deep forested areas. While much of the state’s terrain is level and roads relatively straight, there is practically no end to the number of outstanding Florida motorcycle rides featuring spectacular scenic views along the way.

Big Bend Scenic Highway in the state’s north end offers one of the best options when it comes to Florida’s motorcycle roads. This long, winding drive traverses through western Florida and its Gulf Coast by way of the Apalachicola National Forest, a wilderness gem filled with virgin forest and dazzling lakes as well as a brilliant aquamarine colored pool. Along the coast you’ll pass picturesque beaches, salt marshes, sand dunes and springs.
The Sugarloaf Mountain area in the central part of the state is an exception to the mostly flat terrain found on Florida motorcycle tours. With hilly inclines and tight corners, you’ll find a dramatically different landscape. On the western side of Lake Apopka the road makes a loop around the mountain with winding curves and steep inclines with beautiful views from the top of the lake and the Orlando skyline.

On the south end of the state, travel the Florida Keys Scenic Highway, stretching over 100 miles across the captivating islands of The Keys with miles of panoramic ocean vistas. From Key Largo to Key West, it’s all about the water. Glimpse dolphins gracefully swimming across the turquoise waters while brilliant birds soar through the crisp blue sky and palm trees sway in the tropical breeze.

From the Gulf Coast in the northwest to the unsurpassed sunsets found in the southernmost point at Key West, you’ll find an abundance of Florida motorcycle tours offering exciting adventures filled with scenic wonders.

FUN Motorcycle Training “LLC” wants everyone to enjoy the ride!